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Hello world! December 8, 2005

Posted by writersblock in Miscellany.

Welcome to Writer’s Block.  I doubt anything here will be of much interest to anyone but myself, but there you have it.



1. Josh Miller - December 18, 2006

IU wa wondering if you might be willing to delete this blog so that I might be able to pick up writersblock.wordpress.com. You don’t seem to be updating or maintaining it and you aren’t getting any hits noris there any content.

I usd to have a blog called Writer’s Block on Blogger that I wipped out because I don’t care for Blogger’s interface. I’ve been thinking of restarting it on wordpress.

2. ina - May 18, 2012

yeah… can you please let go of this blog name? Would be nice to use it! Thank you!

3. sbuxbex - November 29, 2012

I second their pleas. Please delete this blog so someone else can use the name.

4. Het Leeslint - March 9, 2014

same here….. we all want this name….

5. writersblock - February 7, 2015

Same question. I would like to use the name writersblock.wordpress.com.

Any change you can delete this one?

6. lyndsayrichardson3 - April 8, 2016

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